About Us

Whether you are an active, modern person who engages in regular exercise or a professional sports athlete striving for optimum physical condition, VPLAB's cutting edge supplements and nutritional products will help you achieve and maintain a desirable body weight, increase your muscle mass, improve your strength and remain healthy. Incorporate our products into your daily routine and you'll look great and feel even better!

Who We Are

Our company was founded in 2006 by a former athlete with qualifications in a range of sports, a profound understanding of the sports nutrition industry and an academic background in physiology and scientific methods.

Understanding the needs of athletes and all those who lead an active life, he used this considerable experience to create a premium sports nutrition line. And now you can benefit from exceptional products, which are designed to meet the requirements of people who regularly push their bodies to the limit. One of our founder's most important goals was to make sure that our customers reap full nutritional benefits when using our products; this is why he made sure that each formula was carefully designed to allow for the highest digestibility and bioavailability.

Since its founding in 2006, Vplab has rapidly expanded to become a leading sports nutrition brand offering a wide range of quality health and fitness supplements to customers like you around the world. Our supplements increase the effectiveness of your training and improve your performance. Choose from our range of products targeted for extra energy, strength, muscle growth, stamina, post-workout recovery and weight management. And you can rest assured that our formulas can fill nutritional gaps you may have with maximum effectiveness and safety.

Vplab uses the latest technologies and careful quality control to guarantee that you receive products manufactured according to the highest standards. Our products are designed to meet the needs of customers with different goals and exercise intensity levels. Whether you are a beginner just starting on the road to fitness or a professional athlete with specific growth and recovery needs, Vplab’s extensive range has you covered.

Vplab products are formulated to be used over the long term, providing performance and health benefits without any side effects. Vplab creates clean, healthy nutrition for the intelligent athlete.

Our History

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