5 stereotypes about sports nutrition

5 stereotypes about sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is ‘fake’ and synthetic.

Leading sports nutrition manufacturers care about health and well-being of their customers, therefore, a lot of effort has been put into research and development of every high-quality product in order to satisfy every client’s needs. Most of these products are made from organic materials such as whey protein which is made out of natural milk.

Drinking protein will make me bulky.

It’s not about the protein. Usually, this myth is more common among women. Comparing to the male body, female body does not produce enough testosterone level, what makes it impossible for them to build muscle and get big without taking any additional testosterone supplements. The key to your dream body is always a balanced diet and systematic training.

Consuming protein helps your body to lose fat by helping you to suppress hunger and consume fewer calories.

Latest product developed by VPLab is LEAN PROTEIN SHAKE which is not mixed with “sugar and spice” but comes in 5 nice flavours to complement every diet.

  • L-carnitine and green tea extract – for faster fat burn
  • Fibre and vitamins – faster recovery and immune system support

I can get same results with regular products and balanced diet.

Our body is a more complexed mechanism as we usually think. The energy our body gets process during workout comes not just from fat burn but also from muscle reduction and it’s essential to minimize this effect. It’s a common fact that regular trainings and a balanced diet are the core elements to achieve your goals but sports nutrition is here to help your body lose fat faster, raise your physical potential and accelerate your results.

Sports nutrition is not for me it’s for athletes only.

Life in the modern-day is always on the go. In order to succeed in our daily routine we usually place time as a highest value by sacrificing health. Sedentary life-style, fast-food, snacks, high level of sugar in our daily products is a time bomb set into motion. Sports nutrition is suitable for everyone on the daily basics.

Vegan protein is less effective.

Absolutely not. VPLab Company takes pride in its innovative Vegan Protein. This product was specially developed not just for vegans and vegetarians but for those with any food. It is a blend of pea and hemp protein with a bioactive digestive formula to enhance the potential of your metabolism.