New Records Bundle

New Records Bundle

Endurance Bundle (High intensity)

A complete set for high-intensity workout.
  • Faster recovery after workout
  • Stimulant free pre-workout formula
  • Supports a decrease in cardiovascular diseases
  • Keeps electrolytes balanced during high intensity workout
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Endurance Bundle (High intensity)
Endurance Bundle (High intensity)

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    High intensity training? Need to go extra mile and make it faster? This bundle is everything what a pro athlete might be looking for. FITACTIVE ISOTONIC DRINK hydrates body and to keeps electrolytes balanced during high intensity workout. NITRIC IGNITION boosts blood flow throughout the body during an intensive workout amplifying training intensity and slowing down muscular fatigue. BCAA ULTRA PURE regulates protein levels within the body through an anti-catabolic effect. GUARANA LIQUID increases endurance and elevates energy levels. MAGNESIUM + VITAMIN C improves nervous and cardiovascular system functions.

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    Product lineVPLAB
    AnnotationA complete set for high-intensity workout.
    Recommendation for use
    FITACTIVE ISOTONIC DRINK: Stir 20 g powder (2 heaped measuring scoops) in 500 ml of water.

    NITRIC IGNITION: Each serving contains 3 tablets. Consume 1–2 servings per day 30 minutes before workout depending on workout intensity.

    BCAA ULTRA PURE: 1 serving (4 capsules) before and 1 serving after workout.

    GUARANA LIQUID: 1 ampoule (25 ml) per day.

    MAGNESIUM + VITAMIN C: 1 ampoule (25 ml) per day.