Vitamins, minerals & Herbs

Vitamins, minerals & Herbs

Vitamins are sadly missing from our modern diets, and it's important to make sure your body is getting everything it needs to maintain, regulate, and support all its vital biochemical processes. Taking the right supplement is an important part of every athlete's daily routine. We have wide range of products to support your healthy lifestyle. Whether it's products to support your joint, immune, essential vitamins, minerals and other you can find them here.

Are you starving your cells of the things they crave to keep your body's metabolism in peak working condition? Vitamins are essential to good health, especially for athletes. Behind the scenes, biochemical processes are constantly replenishing your muscles, and if you're deficient in the right vitamins and minerals you can wreak havoc on the metabolism in your cells. What to do? Make sure you're providing your body with the right formulas for optimum performance.

There is a range of vitamin and mineral formulas created especially for men and for women. These include Ultra Men's Sport and Ultra Women's. Both feature optimized nutrients, vitamins, and minerals designed with each sex's physiology in mind. And why not check out Daily 1, a complex that provides everything you need to support your active lifestyle. 

As cells are the building block of your body, you need to maintain healthy cells. The best way to do this is to make sure you have your daily intake of fatty acids.

Add an antioxidant supplement to your daily routine. These powerful substances protect the cells in your body from the external and internal effects of exposure to toxins. How does your heart benefit? Antioxidants prevent cholesterol due to oxidation, add oxygen to fatty tissue, and hinder the development of atherosclerosis.

For all people not only for professional athletes it is very important to strengthen and protect your joints as they are today. With joint health supplements, you'll strengthen and protect your joints, safeguarding them from potential injury. 

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    Ultra Men's Sport is loaded with over fifty active ingredients that benefit a man's overall health.

    • Super-strong male vitality complex
    • 5 superior men's health blends
    • Stress & Immune support
    • Supports heart & prostate health
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    The finest blend of 11 key minerals.

    • Contributes to oxygen transport
    • Defence of muscles
    • Maintains normal glucose levels
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    Improving the health of the prostate and the urinary tract for men.

    • Enhances urinary tract health
    • Maintains fertility and reproduction
    • Blend of Saw palmetto, pumpkin seed and nettle root
    • Enhanced with minerals and vitamins
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    This superior female vitality complex is quite literally packed with beneficial compounds – over 50 active ingredients work to maintain overall health, energy levels, functioning of the nervous system, smooth digestion and a strong immune system.

    • Super-strong female vitality complex
    • 5 superior women's health blends
    • Immune & digestive system support
    • Supports skin, hair & nails health
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  5. DAILY 1

    Daily 1 was specifically formulated to compensate the lack of vitamins and minerals, resulting from intense physical trainings, irregular feeding and nerve strain.

    • Contains 25 daily multivitamins and minerals
    • Contains digestive enzymes for maximum absorption of nutrients
    • Provides a vital nutritional boost and helps to fight viruses
    • 100 days supply
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    The synergistic combination of exceptionally bioavailable curcumin and vitamin D3 in liquid-filled hard Licaps capsules maintains the balance of essential immune processes, musculoskeletal integrity and optimal functioning of the body. The special micellar formulation of NovaSOL® curcumin ensures superb absorption in the intestinal tract.

    • Сombination of exceptionally bioavailable curcumin and vitamin D3
    • 24-hour sustained action
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    An effective combination of prebiotic fiber and live probiotic bacteria L. acidophilus for promoting digestive health, restoring normal microbial balance and boosting the immune system. Capsule-incapsule delivery system ensures the dual release of the DUOBACT active components directly at the pace of action within the gastrointestinal tract.

    • Alive bacteria for a 2-year shelf life
    • 15 billions of live and active cultures in each capsule
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    Advanced supplement for heart and bone health.

    • Increased calcium absorption
    • Faster muscle recovery
    • Prevents muscle cramps
    • Reduces arterial stiffness
    • Improves cardio functions
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    The herbal ingredient blend of Ultra Sleep reduces the negative effects of chronic stress and helps to relieve anxiety without causing drowsiness.

    • Optimizes sleep
    • Maintains a healthy daily rhythm
    • Reduces reflex excitability
    • Does not cause drowsiness
    • Does not cause addiction
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  10. COENZYME Q10

    Q10 encourages optimal health by activating the body’s natural antiviral defense system. Coenzyme Q10 Kaneka™ (Japan) is the world’s purest, most thoroughly researched CoQ10.

    • Promotes cellular energy
    • Supports healthy heart muscle
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    Helps to boost up immunity.

    • Shield for strong immune protection
    • Rich in antioxidant properties
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    A balanced formula for strengthening immune system. Ultra Immune is a unique product that combines a special formula of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and prebiotics that work together for your body’s greatest benefit.

    • 1 billion active cultures
    • 10 vitamins, 8 minerals, fiber
    • 9 active strains of bacteria cultures (probiotic bacteria), fiber (prebiotic)
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  13. ZMA

    ZMA is a combination of zinc citrate, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. All three components are key ingredients for faster muscle building and enchasing power during workout. Additional positive effect of consuming ZMA as a daily supplement is a deeper relaxation of the body during sleep.

    • Helps to keep high testosterone level
    • Reduces muscle stress after intensive training
    • Supports accelerated recovery of the nervous system
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  14. MAGNESIUM & B6

    Premium Nerve & Muscle formula.

    • Improves nervous system functions
    • Contributes to protein synthesis
    • Normalizes heart and cardiovascular functions
    • Supports faster muscle recovery
    • Contributes to healthy teeth and bones
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    The single supplement comes packed with 40 mg of Vitamin C and 250 mg of Magnesium.

    • Improves nervous and cardiovascular system functions
    • Reduces anxiety and muscle fatigue / cramping
    • Can help reduce headaches and migraines
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