With Amino Pro 9000 you get all the different types of amino acids to support your body after a workout.

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  • 100% Complete Amino Acids Complex
  • Beef & Whey protein hydrolysates
  • High Tech Peptide-Bonded Amino Acids
  • Ultra Refined for fast absorption

Recommendation for use

1 serving (6 tablets) 45 minutes before workout and 1 serving immediately after workout. Can also be taken in between meals.


All athletes know extra protein is necessary after a rigorous workout. Amino Pro 9000 is the perfect post-workout supplement to start rebuilding muscle and getting bigger and stronger. Amino Pro 9000 is high-power protein that's also easy to digest, so you can recover quickly and get back in the game. 

What's so special about Amino Pro 9000? Well, it allows you get all the benefits of meat protein without the downsides of meat. Whole meat has a high fat content and a relatively low assimilation rate, but Amino Pro contains hydrolized beef protein, which contains no fat and is easily and quickly absorbed by the body. Amino Pro 9000 also contains whey protein hydrolysate, which is also quickly absorbed. Beef and whey proteins are the best proteins for making your muscles heal and grow. When you put them together, you get the power powder of Amino Pro 9000. 

Amino Pro 9000 contains a complete amino acid complex, meaning you get all the different types of amino acids you need to support your body after a workout. You don't have to worry about being short on any type of amino acid. Amino Pro 9000 was designed to provide comprehensive muscle tissue support, so you can have a speedy recovery and get back in the action.

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