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Coenzyme Q10 encourages optimal health by activating the body’s natural antiviral defense system.

  • Promotes cellular energy
  • Supports healthy heart muscle
  • 60 easy-swallow softgels

Heart muscle health with our multipurpose premium quality antioxidant Every heart needs a little lift, and Co-enzyme Q10 is essential for spreading the love around!

Co-enzyme Q10 is crucial for your body to synthesize ATP molecules; biochemical energy carriers support a healthy heart muscle by improving its energy metabolism. Your heart muscle needs CoQ10 to keep your blood circulating efficiently.

Co-enzyme Q10 goes a step further and effectively prohibits oxidation of cholesterol. It enriches fatty tissues with oxygen and so plays an important part in preventing the development of atherosclerosis.

As you can expect from such a powerful multipurpose antioxidant, the benefits extend far beyond heart health. Co-enzyme Q10 is also a highly effective anti-aging agent. Q10 encourages optimal health by activating the body’s natural antiviral defense system. Not only does it heal damaged tissue, but has been shown to inhibit the growth of malignant cells.

Don’t play with your heart! You need a reliable source to reap the benefits of a Q10 supplement. Just 1 capsule daily contains the necessary dosage of 100 mg superior quality Co-enzyme Q10. It’s just what you need for vigorous cellular energy, a healthy heart and a boost to your immune system.

1-2 softgels daily with liquid to a meal.

  Per 1 softgel  Per 2 softgels
Coenzyme Q10  100 mg 200 mg 


Ingredients: bulking agents (soybean oil, beeswax) softgel capsule (gelatin, humectant (glycerin), colouring (caramel), water), coenzyme Q10, emulsifier (soy lecithin)

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