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Effective combination of prebiotic + probiotic for promoting digestive health and favourable microbial balance. 

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  • Alive bacteria for a 2-year shelf life
  • 15 billions of live and active cultures in each capsule

Recommendation for use

1 capsule daily with liquid to a meal.


A unique combination of prebiotic fiber and live probiotic bacteria L. acidophilus for promoting digestive health, restoring normal microbial balance, and boosting the immune system. Innovative DUOCAPTM capsule-in-capsule delivery system ensures the dual release of the active components directly at the place of action within the gastrointestinal tract. The outer capsule containing liquid formulation of the prebiotic is released in the stomach first. It acts as a substrate for intestinal microflora and allows beneficial bacteria to thrive and effectively colonize the gut. It also makes it less hospitable to potentially harmful bacteria strains. The inner capsule holds live probiotic bacteria which are delivered intact to the intestines where they help to maintain a healthy intestinal environment and regulate immune functions. The L. acidophilus is also shown to prevent gastrointestinal infections and minimize the length of diarrhea, increase the bowel movement, stabilize the gut mucosal homeostasis, reduce total cholesterol level, and improve lactose digestion.

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