Gift bundle gummies for family

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Give the gift of holiday cheer this season with Vplab gift bundles. 

Buy these 3 products with a discount -30% and get a apple cider vinegar as a free gift. Everything is wrapped up in a beautiful red Christmas box. 

What's included in this gummies bundle?

🟠GUMMIES VITAMIN D3 - Vitamin D3 is crucial vitamin that supports bone, teeth, muscle and immune health.

🟠GUMMIES ADULT MULTIVITAMIN - Multivitamin formula, filled with all the essential vitamins and minerals, for heart and bones support.

🟠GUMMIES KIDS MULTIVITAMIN - Excellent source of most necessary vitamins, specifically to nourish kid's healthy growth and well-being.


🟠GUMMIES APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - A delicious, natural source of apple cider vinegar, vitamin B12 and folic acid. 

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