Liquid fast-acting L-Carnitine concentrate. Lowers blood cholesterol, promotes increased fat metabolism during exercise.

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  • Amazing taste
  • Fat metabolizer - stimulant free
  • Enhances energy and endurance

Recommendation for use

Stir 10 ml in 200 ml water. 1 serving before workout.


With plenty of exercise and a healthy, balanced diet, you can burn away fat, but that can take a long time. It's always nicer when you can have a bit of a jump start to get you going. That is exactly what L-Carnitine concentrate does. It gives you that extra push to blast through fat and give you that great looking body you have been craving in no time at all. Sounds good, right? 

Did you know your body is born with the same number of fat cells you have today? The fat cells just enlarge over time as it absorbs fat. You want to blast out everything the cells have swallowed up. To do this, you must use the fat storage, which is where L-Carnitine concentrate comes in. With the supplement, which you only need to take once before a workout, you'll gain a valuable bump in energy and endurance. Plus, it helps your body recover from the workout faster, reducing that painful feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness and allowing you to start thinking about that next workout. Try this premium cholesterol-reducing product today!

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