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High protein and fiber Fitness bar with 300 mg L-Carnitine and 9 vitamins.

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  • 300 mg L-Carnitine
  • 9 Vitamins & High Fiber

Recommendation for use

Consume between meals or after an workout


Do you find yourself frequently getting that 2:30 feeling of fatigue? Even worse is the 5:30 feeling, when you're done with the workday and it's time to start your workout, but you just don't have the energy to perform your best. The solution? L-Carnitine Fitness Bars!

L-Carnitine Fitness Bars are not ordinary energy bars. They don't just stuff you with carbs and protein, they contain a balanced vitamin complex to help your body function at an optimal level. They provide you with all the nutrients your body could ever want from a snack. Not only are they high in protein, they are also high in fiber, to keep your digestive system healthy. Finally, these fitness bars include L-Carnitine because it is an agent that helps your body produce more energy. You'll get a much more significant boost from an L-Carnitine bar than you would from an ordinary energy bar. L-Carnitine Fitness Bars quickly eliminate fatigue, encourage fat-burning during intense workouts and help you recover from workouts more quickly.

Consume L-Carnitine Fitness Bars in between meals to give your body the energy it craves. You'll perform better than you ever have during your post-workday workouts and you'll no longer have that 5:30 feeling!

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