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Premium quality post-workout drink with magnesium and vitamin C.

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  • Smart carbs to protein 3:1 ratio
  • Two types of protein included
  • Enhanced with magnesium and vitamin C
  • Easy digestion & total energy refuel
  • Three delicious flavours

Recommendation for use

1 serving per day after workout. Stir 50 g powder (2 measuring scoops) in 250 ml water.

Your progress depends not only on what you do before and during a workout, but also on what you do after it. Any physical activity causes stress and pressure to your body, therefore your body must restock its energy stores, recover and regenerate muscle tissue.

For that reason, we have created Ultimate Recovery – a complex of perfect carbohydrates to protein 3:1 ratio, which promotes instant replenishment of glycogen stores, nutrients absorption and damaged muscle tissues repair.

Smart carbs are nutritionally recommended, as they are completely naturally sourced and provide full carbohydrate energy in a more balanced way thanks to its low-glycaemic profile. Moreover, in the product’s formula is included splendid and well-balanced protein complex, as both whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate are present to ensure prolonged protein release.

In addition to proteins and carbs, the product is fused with magnesium and vitamin C to prevent muscles from cramping and protect muscle tissues from the influence of catabolic processes, as well as prevent oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system.

Ultimate Recovery has splendid mixability and is offered in 3 mouth-watering flavours – lemon, orange and strawberry-lime.

Suitable for both men and women, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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