Strap on your creative helmets and get ready to roll – VPLab Nutrition is in search of people who are passionate and unique in their own way.

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from. Doesn’t matter if you are professional athlete or just training at your mom’s basement, if you riding your BMX in the hood, or modeling for high fashion industry, cooking in a Michelin-starred restaurant or flipping burgers part-time – WE NEED YOU! It’s not all about being seen in gym or being fitness model - it’s your own story and personality we are interested in!

Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, at a student fair or festival, you should feel confident in spreading the word about VPLab Nutrition and willing to produce engaging content, sharing brand-related materials and being part of one of the most premium brands in the sports nutrition industry!

  • Both Male & Females – EUROPE & UK
  • Highly active Social Media presence
  • Ready to contribute to content – i.e. recipes, workouts, support, fashion advice, top tips
  • Passionate about VPLab Nutrition

To apply, simply fill in all the details, remember, this is the chance for you to start your own journey, so hone your writing skills and show your best in the video submission.

Good Luck!